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Blackburn Belt

Blackburn Belt


Introducing the Blackburn belt from The Rite Stuff x Wild Frontier Goods! This collab belt is made with a made-in-Japan solid brass horseshoe-style buckle and keep, Shonan Benz leather, hand-dyed black, that’s weighty but supple, sewn with contrast brown stitching, and comes in a slightly narrower width 3cm that makes it light and comfortable.


Shonan Benz leather is made from the waist of the cow, and is among the most prestigious among cow leather. It is thick and very durable, and it is highly traded because of the small number of Benz pieces that can be taken per hide.

- Hand painted black Shonan saddle leather. Paint will age and reveal the natural leather underneath.

- Solid brass buckle

- 3cm wide / 4.5mm thick

- Hand cut, hand stitched

Custom Sizing/Note desired length in checkout

*Please measure your belt size based on the illustration in the photos. Do not include the buckle when considering size. Any length is possible but please email if longer than 39 inches.

Please email with other questions

*please understand that natural leather can contain small scratches bug bites that were all part of the animal. Deep cuts or large scars will not be used.

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