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Established in 2017, Wild Frontier Goods is a labor of love dedicated to the artistry of handmade goods. We are a two person team specializing in meticulously crafted items, each telling a unique story of passion and precision.

Japanese Interior

We pride ourselves on our use of natural fabrics, plant dyes, and the highest quality leathers. We carefully select materials that not only ensure durability but also continue to age beautifully. Each item we make tells a unique story that will progress and change over time. 

Our soul is a part of every item we craft. Each product is a tribute to the labor of love and passion that defines our brand. From the inception of an idea to the final stitch, we pour our heart into the creation process.

Each item we make creates a connection between the user and ourselves. Every creation is a reflection of the dedication and passion we put into our work. Join us in celebrating the artistry of handmade goods.

Japanese Garden
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