Vintage Tote Bag (Kakishibu)

Vintage Tote Bag (Kakishibu)


Length 47cm 
Height 33cm 
Width 14cm

Hand dyed natural Kakishibu used throughout the bag. The different tones of Kakishibu reflect the amount of times coated and the length of time dried in direct sunlight. 
- This tote bag is made using vintage sakiori fabric. 
- The base of the bag is a Kakishibu hand dyed selvedge canvas. 
- The majority of the overlay is a Kakishibu dyed hemp fabric with patches of Kakishibu dyed sashiko fabric. 
- Inside lining is a dandelion dyed cotton fabric. 
- Hand sashiko stitching throughout bag. 
- Hand painted sumi tag.
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    Tokyo, Japan

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