Sumi Painted Trucker

Sumi is made by kneading together soot from pine and other plants' seed oils, and bone glue. It is commonly used in Japanese calligraphy but can also be used to dye fabrics. This leather wallet takes many, many coats of paint using a special process to achieve this color. Due to the time consuming process custom orders can not be accepted. 

-Hand painted with sumi on the outside (paint will eventually rub off in high contact areas revealing the natural leather underneath) 
-Natural vegetable tanned leather from Tochigi tannery in Japan. 
-Japanese polyester thread. 
-4 different compartments to hold cash, coins, or cards. 
-solid brass hardware. 
-18cm x 8.5cm
    $300.00 Regular Price
    $150.00Sale Price




    Tokyo, Japan

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