Handwoven Natural Indigo scarves (Limited)

Handwoven Natural Indigo scarves (Limited)

Each scarf will have unique patchwork fabric at the ends but will all utilize vintage indigo fabrics and hand sashiko stitching. The pictured scarf is my personal one.

Size: 200cm x 40.5cm 

Vintage dead stock handwoven natural indigo dyed selvedge fabric. I was told this fabric is from the early 1900’s. It was unwashed but we gave it a light wash to soften it and get rid of the excess indigo (There was a lot. Our hands turned blue just from touching the raw fabric). It was woven on a hand loom and has a lot of subtle character. This is guaranteed to age beautifully. 
This is the most special fabric I have found during my time in Japan but unfortunately there isn’t much. 

The edges are selvedge (of course) and the ends are completed with a patchwork of vintage indigo fabrics that are from the same time period. The sashiko stitchingis all done by hand.

Hand wash only please. 
Indigo will bleed so be careful of white fabrics. 




    Tokyo, Japan

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